The Dojo Toolkit: Develop Amazing Web Applications with Dojo's Unbeatable JavaScript Tools

The Dojo Toolkit offers rapid, modular development with great tools to test and optimize production performance, with no compile step for web and mobile web applications. It includes fast, efficient APIs for every Web Application: Ajax, Events, DOM, Querying, Effects, and much more. You can deliver accessible and great user experiences with sophisticated yet simple widgets, and utilizing inventive extensions including native vector graphics, charting, offline, desktop, Data Abstraction, Secure Ajax, Comet, XMPP, the latest HTML5 features, and much much more.

Integration is possible with many server-side developments including Zend Framework, SpringSource, WebSphere, Jetty, Django, Ruby on Rails, Persevere, Node.js, DWR, Nexaweb, WaveMaker, TurboGears, Jaxer, and pretty much any other server-side framework that understands HTTP.