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dgrid 0.3.16 is now available, including many accessibility improvements and a number of other fixes!

full featured, lightweight data grids

dgrid is a next-generation grid component that takes full advantage of modern browsers and object stores. Lightweight, modular, and easily extensible, dgrid is released under the same open-source license and CLA as the Dojo Toolkit.

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dgrid in action

To Do List




To do List

A fast, iTunes inspired layout using multiple dgrids.

Easily extend dgrid to create complex components.

Rows expand to show more details when clicked.

A simple To-Do list example.

Check out more examples of dgrid components


Modern Architecture

dgrid has been designed to take advantage of AMD with granular dependencies; this means it only loads the bare essentials.

Column Plugins

Reshape the way a column behaves through the use of plugins such as editor and tree.


Resizable columns, column reordering, pagination and more are achieved through dgrid extensions. Or easily create your own extensions to meet your specific needs.


dgrid ships with several default themes including the Claro theme to match the popular Dijit theme. You can easily customize dgrid through well documented CSS and/or jQuery ThemeRoller classes.

Mobile Support

dgrid has been tested to work on iOS and Android browsers. Providing accelerated scrolling for your data on the go.


The keyboard mixin adds keyboard handling functionality. The arrow keys can be used to navigate the focus across cells and rows, providing accessibility and ease of use.

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getting started

This first set of tutorials provides an introduction to dgrid's core concepts and components.

Tutorial thumbnail

Hello dgrid

Quickly get up and running with dgrid — from rendering content to extending functionality with mixins, plugins and extensions.

Tutorial thumbnail

Using Grids and Stores

Learn about common concerns when using grids with stores, and explore dgrid components which interact with them.

Tutorial thumbnail

Defining Grid Structures

Dive into the various types of column structures dgrid can render, from the simple to the complex.

the next level

dgrid's possibilities don't end with what's in the box; here are some examples of how to take it even further.

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Rendering All Store Data at Once

Learn to extend one of dgrid's base classes to query and render all items from a store at once, and style the grid to adjust its height according to the content.

Tutorial thumbnail

Drop-down Selects with dgrid

Learn how you can use one of dgrid's lightweight base classes to create a drop-down select component that will handle thousands of options.

Tutorial thumbnail

Rendering a Summary Row

Learn to create a mixin to display a row with summary information at the bottom of a grid.

Tutorial thumbnail

TransferBox: A Tale of Two Lists

Discover how to use two instances of one of dgrid's lightweight base classes to create a transfer box widget that will handle thousands of options.

documentation & support

Using dgrid

  • Documentation: Documentation for each release is available under the doc folder.
  • Tests: dgrid includes a set of test files that may be useful for exploring its features.

Getting help

Have a question? Get help via the dojo mailing list or #dojo on freenode IRC.

Report Issues

Found a bug with dgrid? Have a suggestion? Let us know by filing an issue.

Professional Support

Whether you're starting a grid implementation from scratch, migrating from a DojoX grid to dgrid or you just want support for your team while they do the heavy lifting, SitePen is ready to share its expertise and make your project a success.

created by sitepen

The limitations of Dojo DataGrid and EnhancedGrid are well known to our customers and the Dojo community. For years, we worked to overcome the impossible with masterful code to push the limits of these grids, all the while recognizing the need for a real solution. To that end, we've created dgrid, a grid that improves the way developers work with data, providing strong, maintainable code that exceeds best practices and reduces overall development costs. Learn more about SitePen.

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how to contribute

dgrid is released under the same open-source license and CLA as the Dojo Toolkit. Contributing to dgrid is easy! Just fork us on GitHub, write your patch, then submit a pull request. If you’ve never contributed to a Dojo Foundation project before, you will also need to take a moment to fill out the Dojo Foundation CLA.