Structure and Voting

Each project determines its own voting rules. For example, the Dojo Toolkit gives one vote to each of its committers. If a resolution passes, the Dojo Foundation Board will automatically approve the measure unless it jeopardizes the Dojo Foundation.

For foundation-wide issues, votes are conducted via email, with one vote per committer per project. Foundation-wide measures include the addition of new projects to the Dojo Foundation, and the election of the Dojo Foundation Board.

The Dojo Foundation Board consists of six generally elected members, and one member elected by the project leads council. No more than 50% of the Dojo Foundation board will be represented by a single corporation. The Dojo Foundation currently has seven members.

In addition to the Dojo Foundation Board, there is a project leads council that not surprisingly includes the project leads of each project. The project leads council brings any significant issues to the Dojo Foundation Board. In general, these processes are extremely casual, and formality only exists in the rare case of a real problem.

Finally, the foundation has two officers, Dylan Schiemann and Adam Peller:

Dylan Schiemann

Dylan Schiemann, President

As CEO of SitePen and co-founder of the Dojo Toolkit, Dylan is best known for building web applications that make use of JavaScript/Ajax, Dojo, and other standard web development technologies. Dylan is also a committer to the cometD project, and President of the Dojo Foundation. Dylan has delivered hundreds of presentations at conferences throughout the world, started the London Ajax User Group, co-founded Comet Daily, and authored a chapter in the book Even Faster Web Sites. Prior to JavaScript, Dylan earned his Masters in Physical Chemistry from UCLA and his B.A. in Mathematics from Whittier College.

Adam Peller

Adam Peller, Vice-President

Adam Peller is a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM Emerging Internet Technologies in IBM Software Group. Adam has long been a proponent of open source, web-based development and initiated IBM's involvement in the Dojo Toolkit, where he has been a committer since 2006. He presently serves as the co-project lead for the Dojo eXtension community (dojox) and is working on browser-based application design tools. Adam lives in the Boston area with his wife and three children.