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We need your help! The Dojo Foundation and its projects would not be successful without the generous support of the developer community. It's easy to get involved with the Dojo Foundation, regardless of your skill set or available time. Visit the web site for the project of interest for more details!

8 Easy Ways to Help

  1. Show and Tell: try it out and tell us what you think
  2. Ask Questions: Ask us for help, tell us what you're struggling to figure out, and how we can make things better. Then, help others with questions you can answer. Visit the IRC channel, forums, mailing lists and more for each project that interests you. For example, for the Dojo Toolkit, visit the Dojo Toolkit Community section.
  3. Test and File Bug Reports: Help us test throughout the development cycle, especially near release dates, and file good bug reports.
  4. Be Social: Whether you prefer blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Reddit, Hacker News, DZone or more, help spread the word about Dojo.
  5. Create: Author Demos, tutorials, and more on your web site, or write articles for magazines or web sites, or speak at user groups, BarCamps, and conferences. Feel free to ask questions to get help for your content.
  6. Donate: Donations small and large help us with server operations and other expenses... all proceeds go directly to your project of choice. If you donate $50 or more, you will also receive a t-shirt for the project of your choice!
  7. Patron: The great companies that help the Dojo Foundation offer a wide variety of products and services based on Dojo Foundation's projects.
  8. Contribute: Or, get more involved by Contributing to the Dojo Foundation.

Dojo Foundation Contributors

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Dojo Community


Speaking of getting involved... development efforts on this site were contributed by people from the great teams at SitePen (Torrey Rice, and Dylan Schiemann) and Uxebu (Tobias Klipstein).